Oppo A5 – EOS 700D & Raglan revisited

Being as it was my wife’s birthday this Friday just gone I thought it appropriate that we dined out in style. Well dine out in rustic style that is. One of our favorite haunts is the “Wharf Fish & Chip Shop”. You may have seen previous articles featuring this place, and its rustic charm and simple seafood fare is what draws a lot of folks … Continue reading Oppo A5 – EOS 700D & Raglan revisited

Finally the perfect entry level camera from Fuji?

Enter the FujiFilm X-T200   So far all the preliminary views and hands on previews would suggest that Fuji may just have the best entry level mirrorless camera on the market. Sound like a big call? Perhaps but to date everything I have seen about this camera screams buy me. While it doesn’t sit inside the $1000.00 NZD budget camera zone I think that its … Continue reading Finally the perfect entry level camera from Fuji?

Fuji Releases the XA-7

With very little fanfare Fuji has released the latest XA camera, the XA-7. First impressions are that this is what the XA-5 should perhaps have looked like. With a new 24 megapixel APSC sensor and a 3.5 inch 16:9 format full tilt and swivel screen this is what many of the Fugi faithful have been waiting for. After looking over the specs and viewing current … Continue reading Fuji Releases the XA-7