Linux & Windows – Photoscape update.

Since the July article Linux and Software for Windows I’ve continued to use Both Windows 7 & 10 operating systems using VirtualBox. I can now report that there has been a few issues, some which I haven’t found an answer too as yet. Most likely this is due to be not being particularly well versed in the finer points of using VirtualBox. Win7. My focus has … Continue reading Linux & Windows – Photoscape update.

A new phone and a haircut.

Whats a haircut got to do with a phone? Last week while on a job site some lowlife broke into my vehicle and stole my Samsung S6 which I had been planning to buy off the company I work for. By pure serendipity I had been viewing phone models that same morning, with the intention of replacing my wife’s failing ACE 3 from Samsung. It … Continue reading A new phone and a haircut.

What has gone before Vs what is still to come.

The changing face of photography. In this previous post I talked about what I liked in a camera and why those cameras had appeal for me in particular. Since then I have been looking over the current possible replacements and I have to report that there are few that would be adequate. Most of the possible contenders are too expensive ( over $1000.00 NZD) or … Continue reading What has gone before Vs what is still to come.