Sometimes the images are all that’s necessary…

No hoopla, histrionics, loud shouty music or people spouting rubbish about how good they are. Just simple elegant music and images, showing what a good photographer can do with simple equipment. Sometimes less really is more.

This is the type of photography clip I really enjoy watching just for the love of photography.

Photoscape & filters

Photoscape has always had plenty of film sim filters but have you ever used them?

Below are some edits I did from images I took yesterday as we had the hay done where we live. I wanted a more retro film look to the final edits even though its obvious that the tractor is a modern product.

The first 3 images are originals that I’ve simply resized for convenience when loading for web pages. All these images were shot using the Canon 650D and the EF-s 55 -250 lens.

The following 3 images are the images edited to taste to convey some idea of what you can achieve and how they might look when framed and hung on a wall. The colour filter I used is a YL3 (yellow filter ) set to high and then all other adjustments as per normal editing routine, with vignette and framing to further add to the final look.

You normally see yellow filters used to improve the quality of black & white imagery, but they can also quite dramatically effect the outcome of  colour images as well, yielding a more “Vintage Film ” look to the image. The next three images have all been processed using the YL3 filter.

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that I also blurred the background on these images to give a short focal length affect. This is achieved by using the region out of focus tool, which gives an almost toy camera effect to the image, a bit like using old Kodak Instamatic cameras with Kodachrome film. That was kind of what I was aiming for here.

Do you prefer the edited version? or perhaps the straight from the camera image that you may tweak a tiny amount? Let us know its always good to get your feedback.

The Digital Darkroom series …

The Digital Darkroom, what is it? What do you need to have a good digital darkroom, and where can I find what I need? All questions we ask or have asked in regards to how to get the best out of your images.

This is a new series that I will break down into parts and examine what each part is about.

Check out Part 1 of the series here — The Digital Darkroom