Fuji HS10 versus Fuji s1000fd … the image quality debate part 1

Over at Dpreview forum I added a thread regarding the 3 Fuji Cameras we own, That being the HS10, The s1000fd and the venerable s5700. Thats two 10 mega pixel cameras and a 7.2 mega pixel camera.


The oldest camera is the s5700, first produced in 2007, so its almost 4 years old. The s1000fd is 2 years old and the HS10 approx 8 months old. The s5700 has the smallest sensor with the other two cameras sharing the same size sensor with the HS10 using the new generation CMOS backlit sensor while the 1000fd uses the more traditional ccd sensor.

There is an argument raging in some photographic circles regarding cameras using small sensors. This argument states that the IQ (image quality) of the bridge cameras and the Fuji in particular is substandard when compared to a entry level DSLR. While this is a reasonable suggestion and the technical specification would support this, the argument has taken on a rabid turn in that I have seen statements to the effect that getting a good image out of bridge cameras (the HS10 ) in particular is all but impossible.


As with all things man made no one item is ever going to be perfect or fit everyones needs. God help us if it did, what a boring world it would be. Of all the Fuji bridge cameras the HS10 is least like its point and click cousins as is far closer to its DSLR cousins. This has incensed some in the DSLR community. While the HS10 looks like , feels like and weighs in like a DSLR its not a DSLR. It is a very good bridge camera capable of some very good IQ images when used by those who wish to take the time and learn to use the equipment properly. The HS10 in particular requires a fairly steep learning curve for those stepping up from a point and click camera. Those that have used either digital or film SLR’s will feel more at home with the HS10.

Fuji HS10

For a camera that hasn’t been around for a year as yet it has certainly generated a good deal of animosity and controversy amongst the DSLR and the technical geeks.

The HS10 is a fine camera when you learn its capabilities and its short comings. For me and many others who use the HS10 in particular, its an extremely good and versatile camera capable of taking stunning images when used correctly.

Of the three cameras the HS10 has the best IQ and versatility. The s5700 is a creditable second, while not having the HS10’s  IQ its still a very good camera and a great travel companion. The s1000fd is a prime example (this may be just a faulty camera) of how things can be poorly made. It has always had dreadful shot to shot times as well as very slow AF. Recently we took this camera along on a excusion and I was able to take some comparison shots. The results can bee seen in the next section.

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