Fuji HS20 Raw Versus Jpeg…. Part2..Updated 6/11

Fuji HS20 Raw Versus Jpeg…. Part2..Updated 6/11

Comparing Raw to Jpeg using Lightroom 3

In the next series of images I compare the Lightroom3 & Photoscape edited Jpegs with the Lightroom 3 edited RAW files from the HS20. As I mentioned previously I shot all images with the EXR Resolution Priority settings for image size at 16:9 as I felt this was the format best suited to the conditions. You will imediately note that with the RAW images the size defaults to the full 4:3 image format no matter what the setting is in the camera. If you are shooting with extra dynamic range set, this will be over ridden as the RAW image will default to base DR for the given ISO setting.

Updated 6/11/2011

Using the new version of Exiftool GUI we can now see that Dynamic Range is available in RAW images up to 1600% DR when the camera is set to an EXR mode setting and Auto or Manual ISO is set to 400 and above.
Thanks to Trevor G at Dpreview for discovering this little known aspect of the RAW process in EXR cameras.

The first thing you will notice is that the RAW files look very flat and lifeless. I used the Lightroom preset  “Punch” as my starting point and lifted some of the settings to suit, then renamed the Preset to HS20EXR RAW Basic. I now have a custom preset to use for RAW files as a starting point. I can tweak the extra bits as I deem necessary. In fact very few images needed further tweaking after applying the preset.

All RAW images are to the left and Jpegs to the right.

ISO 800 RAW & Jpeg shot of the light conditions.
Heavy overcast causing the AF some problems with focus at times.
IS0 800


ISO 400


ISO 100.
Note the distortion in the RAW file. Lightroom three does not have a lens correction
for the HS20, I have since created one for use.


ISO 100

RAW Vs Jpeg … Part 3

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