Fuji HS20EXR Resolution Priority



Fuji HS20EXR Resolution Priority — & Autumn color.

Set the camera in EXR res Priority, medium (8 mp) mode, Provia (standard ) film simulation  and took some nice Autumn color shots of the lake and surrounds. I immediately overexposed the first couple of shots as I still had the LCD brightness set too low. Its still taking a bit of getting used to the accuracy of the new LCD. With a quick change to +1 we were away. I had about half an hour before sunset, and the sky was clear and the temperature was heading down. Nice crisp clear atmosphere, I even got a half decent shot of one of the Rescue Helicopters as it headed towards the Hospital. If anyone wants to get an idea of settings used  just follow this link to the album in Picasa and have a peek. I have done some crops and adjustments  just for effect and fun.

Waikato Hospital, Hamilton New Zealand, late Autumn evening.

On the way home the local windfarm west of us was standing out like a sore thumb. Its seldom that we get such a clear night as the windfarm is only 10kms or so from the west coast and sea spray normally makes it hazy, but tonight was one of those clearer than usual nights. I have several shots of the windfarm taken with the Fuji HS10 so I will now be able to do a comparison.

Posted by R. McKenzie at 8:00 PM  

  1. Hi there Ralph..Sooooo after all your shooting how are you assessing the HS20 vs the HS10?
    The one thing that I never really nailed with my test of the HS20(maybe there are copy variations as there have been with other Fuji’s) was outright sharpness. That is I could never seem to get the HS20 to be as sharp as my S200EXR. Close examination of fine detail was always less thaan stellar. I did find or so it seemed in the last days I used it I could get noise free images even in full res shots if I dumped the sharpness to soft ..then pp things.
    I am considering buying another HS20 as I do need a travel zoom for later in the summer so I would be interested in what you found re this issue.
    all the best.


  2. … Painter: I sold my HS10 last week, and upgraded to an HS20 yesterday. I could not be more impressed. Thanks to this blog for helping this amateur with settings etc, the HS20 is a radical improvement over the HS10. Upgrade, whatever the financial sacrifice.
    … A beautiful, bright, and clear LCD, and much faster write speeds are only scratching the surface of the virtue of the HS20.
    … The HS20 is everything that the HS10 should have been.


  3. Hi Painterdude, nice to see you.
    Well I really liked the HS10 and was able to do a lot with it.
    The jury is still out in some respects regarding the HS20. Mostly to do with which mode works best. To date the best mode has yet to be settled upon although I’m finding EXR Res Priority or Manual the best to date. Shooting the HS20 in manual gives some very good results and has a large amount of flexibility, better than the HS10 by a long way. I had been a little worried about the IQ/Focus issues but I’m getting that sorted. At the moment I think its the HS20 that has the advantage but at this point not by as much as I thought.
    I’m about to start a comparison series as I have been out revisiting some of my favorite places. Lemme know what you think.



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