Fuji X-S1 update…..

Fuji X-S1 update….26/2/2012

Another user at Dpreview has posted this image using the X-S1.

I cant think of a clearer demonstration of just how intrusive the “orb” problem is with the two new Fuji’s. Short of replacing the sensor I’m not sure exactly what Fuji will be able to do to mitigate this issue.

Click on the image to view at full size, taking note of the Sun’s reflection in the chrome work on the bike. Would you be happy to see this on your photos?

Posted by R. McKenzie at 3:18 PM
  1. Such a bleedin’ shame. I was so wanting to get the X-10 AND the XS-1. Looks like a Lumix LX5 then…

    Cheers: Kym Crowley


  2. My son works at Heathcote Appliances and they have the LX5. He had a bit of a play with it and I have to say the results thus far are very good.
    its a little on the expensive side but judging by what I’ve seen, it looks to be considerably better than some of the competition.


  3. Somewhat pricey, I would concede. A lot cheaper than they were upon release but! I am buying one at the end of the month (March) and shall report back after a play over the Easter period. In a bit…



  4. Hi Crowley

    I still would prefer the XS1 over the HS30.
    I would like a lift in the IQ over anything else. To date it doesn’t seem quite there, but I’m beginning to think this is more to do with the owners not yet coming to grips with its operation. I saw the same thing with the HS20 when people stepped up to the EXR based camera.

    The price is slowly starting to drop here as well and reports from other users suggest that Fuji may have addressed the lens droop issue.

    Currently I’m holding off any decision until after March 12 when Fuji is reported to be making an announcement.


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