Fuji X100 First User Pics

Fuji X100 First User Pics

Hugo Poon has had the honor of being one of the first user/reviewers to get a few days with the new Fuji X100.
He has posted a small report on his blog and has compiled a range of shots taken with the new camera. Use the link he has provided and view the images in original size as these will be what comes from the camera. I must say that the night shots taken at ISO 400 are very good as are all the images he has displayed. If this is an indication of what we can expect from the new generation of Fuji cameras I think they will have hit on some winners.

Hugo Poon Images

If the HS20 is anywhere near as good in IQ as the X100 appears to be Fuji may well and truly have got themselves back in the market place with this sort of equipment.
Like many I am patiently waiting the full range release and the reviews. It would be hard to make me part with the HS10 but a HS20 with the IQ of the X100 could do it. The major drawback to rapid sales is Fuji’s high price point when compared to the competition. No doubt canon will be watching Fuji’s progress very carefully.

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