HS10 giving good results.

HS10 giving good results.

The new Fuji Camera is starting to yield some good results directly from the camera. Like every new tool there is a settling in period where you become acquainted.  I have changed some of the onboard default settings to “Harden Up ” the camera processing after upgrading the camera firmware. To any HS10 owners out there .. upgrade your firmware, this is a must do as there have been some nice changes to the performance.

Heres a couple of shots taken directly from the camera with no Post Processing at all. I have to say I think they would print quite well just as they are. the really good thing about taking these photos was NO RAIN !!! 🙂



Posted by R. McKenzie at 3:42 PM  

  1. Brilliant info and advice, I appreciate everything you’ve posted on the HS10 – I just got one and am very impressed, all thanks to your content I feel I’ve picked it up all fairly easily 😀 Thanks!


  2. Hi Wes, glad I was able to help. I liked the HS10 a lot and would have kept it, but didn’t want to renew the company equipment lease as it was getting too expensive

    Post a few pics on Picassa or Flickr so we can follow your progress.


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