HS20 EXR Review Pt.5 — Ergonomics.

HS20 EXR Review Pt.5 — Ergonomics.

I thought at this point before continuing with the settings faze of these reports I would spend a little time reviewing the ergonomics of the HS20EXR. In many ways its exactly like the HS10, about the size of a 4/3 DSLR in terms of weight and size, so it fits in the hand pretty well ( and I have big hands).
Positive aspects:

  • Much improved LCD, usable in bright light.
  • Lenshood, a nice addition,
  • Thumb grip, another nice addition
  • Large range of external function buttons (ala DSLR’s)
  • Tilting LCD, great for those of us with bad backs.
  • Good smooth zoom function
  • Improved Lens quality (more on that to come)
  • No power switch mis function when turning power off.
  • Large access panel for inserting SD cards or attaching video or USB cables.
  • Improved hot shoe for external flash ( Fuji propriety flash units)
  • RAW image output button now on menu dial
  • Improved burst mode and number of shot selection.
  • Lenshood is reversible for transportation.
  • Much improved shot count when using NH 2600 mh batteries or better. (currently 500 shots and counting from one set)
Not so positive:
  • Loss of instant zoom from menu dial ( I used this a lot)
  • Poor manual focus ring, difficult to access and use.
  • Slightly insecure feel to battery cover (although this doesn’t cause problems)
  • Lens-cap a little difficult to fit when lenshood attached.
  • Plastic tripod screw housing may be problematic if misaligned when mounting to tripod.
  • Less than useful electronic viewfinder.
To DSLR owners the feel and heft of the HS20 will be similar to a small DSLR. The same applies to the upgrading HS10 owners ( me included). The fit and finish is good, and there are a few minor things that could be improved although they aren’t critical. While I will miss the instant zoom function I’m sure that I will be able to get around that and truth to tell its not a huge issue.
Its always nice to see improvements in new models and the HS20 certainly has that. For those who enjoy a more thoughtful and technical approach to their photography the HS20 is beginning to prove itself a good all-rounder. Its not for the feinted hearted and those who just want to point and click, but as a serious midrange camera it certainly is starting to show its mettle. It feels good in the hand and has a good range of external control buttons to help make rapid shooting changes, and this is what I have liked about the “HS” series of cameras from Fuji from day one.
So for fit & finish and ergonomic layout I think the Fuji scores highly here and gets a four star rating from me. (Five obviously being the best).

Posted by R. McKenzie at 1:26 PM  

  1. No instant zoom…….. tht’s sucks :(:


  2. Yes it does. I liked having instant zoom available at the flick of a switch. At this point I’m not yet convinced too many people will find the RAW button all that helpful.


  3. The poor quality EVF was totally unexpected, at that alone may send me back to my S9600


  4. I wear glasses, so using any viewfinder, optical or electronic is just a great big pain in the ass.

    With the HS10 I was always a little unsure of how the shots would come out as 230k dpi isn’t really good enough for accurate image assessment.
    The newer version on the HS20 is far better, and in all but the very brightest of daylight excellent by comparison.
    I use the LCD with the grid lines set to compose the image.I dont use the hold at arms length technique. To be quite frank that’s just plain idiotic.
    I hold the camera in the precise manner you would if using the viewfinder, left elbow tucked against the side of my chest, which naturally braces you and the camera is no more than 150 to 200mm from the end of my nose. The improved LCD makes this shooting technique as easy a pie.


  5. I have the S1500 prior to my HS20exr. Is it me or the S1500 EVF seems more comfortable to use?

    The HS20exr EVF barrels feels too ‘deep’.


  6. The EVF on both the HS20 and HS10 is woeful. The revision for the HS30 sounds a lot better, as does the XS-1.
    So yes its quite possible that older models had a more effective EVF.

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