HS20 EXR Review Pt6 — Dynamic Range.

HS20 EXR Review Pt.6 — Dynamic Range.

Fuji claim that the increased dynamic range in the HS20 is superior to any of their previous offerings in previous cameras. So what exactly do you get when setting the camera to EXR Dynamic Range Priority?
As it turns out a pretty nifty operating mode for this camera. When I first choose this setting the default on my camera was Auto ISO 400 as the starting point with Dynamic Range set to DR200%. To start with I left it there until I came to a shot that on the HS10 would have blown out completely or just plain been impossible. The following images show what the camera is capable of. The first is the overall seen taken approx 15 minutes before sunset looking just west of the sun’s position. In the first image the color and IQ are very good and there is little noticeable noise. To the right and in the distance the light around the trees and water has taken on a copper hue and I wanted to capture that look. The first shot I took (deleted) was taken at DR200% but it tended to blow out fairly badly. I dialed up DR400 and the camera took the shot, rather nicely I think. Color and hue was maintained as you can see from the grassed area. I even like the lens-flare from the sun on the right hand side.

DR Priority DR 400%
Dr 400% .

The second shot was handheld and at  DR400% set.
As the sun came back out from the cloud the scene became noticeably brighter and I wanted to take one last shot , so DR800% was dialed in and the shot taken. As it turned out I only had to do it once and I knew I had nailed it then and there.Images here.

Approximately ten minutes later the sunset and it was time to head home. The camera had done exactly what I expected it to do, ramp up or down the ISO to suit the scene. Sort out the exposure with Ev adjustment from me where necessary and return a good result with input from me as to which DR range to use. It certainly seems that Fuji got it right.

Posted by R. McKenzie at 5:48 PM  

  1. That last shot is pretty impressive. Would you recommend the HS20 to a beginner who wasn’t afraid of a steep learning curve?


  2. Hi Anon
    By all means, anyone whos prepared to put in a bit of time learning to use this camera will get a good outcome, unless of course you happen to purchase a faulty unit.
    Apart from that go for it. If your are new to photography in general just start with one of the auto modes (EXR Auto for example) and then when comfortable move to more user controlled modes.


  3. hoping u post more more more tips about hs20exr :)) godbless

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