Macro with the Fuji HS10

Macro with the Fuji HS10

And along comes a spider.

While sitting on the deck and having a coffee this morning I spotted this large Orb-web Spider  quietly trussing up yet another wayward grass fly. The web it was sitting in, is about 25cm in diameter and attached to the veranda upright and our large market umbrella. Looks like a spot of bug spray is in order.

My wife commented that it would be interesting to see a photo of said spider, so out comes the HS10, switch to Macro mode and poke the lens right in the spiders face. It wasnt fazed at all by this, and just kept on wrapping up its meal.

Photos two and three are taken in standard macro mode and the balance of the images are taken using thesuper macro setting. The lens to spider distance was about 4 inches (100mm) for most of these shots. Camera was set to “P” mode with the white balance set on auto and the Ev set to 0.0 as it was reasonably overcast today. All photos have had PP work done in Lightroom 3.0. I will do a couple of the originals in Photoscape just to see if there is a difference in the IQ of the final file.

Look carefully at image 4 and you can see the two main eyes of the spider.









Posted by R. McKenzie at 4:26 PM  

  1. Great shots can you tell me when using super zoom can you have the lens at full zoom


  2. Hi gadget11
    When using the HS10 in standard macro you can use the zoom out to around 20x so long as you remain around a meter from you subject. In super macro mode I find that the lens will not tolerate any zoom at all.The shots of the spider are using standard macro for the first three then I switched to super macro and held the camera about 4 to 5 cm from the spider.
    Thats how the picture was taken of the yellow flower you see on the homepage at the moment. Hope that helps.



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