New Fuji’s For Everyone for 2012 — Part 1

New Fuji’s For Everyone for 2012 — Part 1.

Identifying potential users.

Fuji are certainly starting to live up to their claim that the want to be a top tier camera manufacturer in the coming years. With the release of so many different models this year it is getting harder to decide what one should use and why. Now that we can see the specs for all the new range we have a clearer picture of what Fuji may well be trying to achieve.

The first real indication of this is seen when you visit the Fuji Euro site. Fuji UK & Europe

Quite clearly from this you can see how Fuji is seeing its target market, and its probably a pretty good move at that, although things are never quite that clear cut.

So what do we have then for the various consumers. We will use Fuji’s example here but change it to suit certain parameters.

So for the Professional & Semi-Pro/High End Enthusiasts we have the X series of cameras.
These include the following. Click any of the following for more info.

  • X10
  • X100
  • X-S1
  • X-Pro 1
  • All of these camera are advertised as premium products and as such they also carry a hefty premium price tag as well. In the case of the X-S1 ( a camera I am very much interested in) the pricing puts it well into the realm of the entry/mid order DSLR kits that are currently available. More on this later.

For the experienced amateur that next tier as Fuji sees it is the Bridge-camera section.
I am going to expand this section to read “Bridge/Superzoom” as there are a number of models that fill this category and that are used by experienced camera users.
This section includes the following.

For those wanting something different there are plenty of other cameras that Fuji produce, for fashion (think Pink), Fad (3D), and Beginners/Point and shooters as well as waterproof cameras. Fuji appears to have the range to meet most peoples needs, and a camera to suit most budgets.
In the next section we will look a little more closely at what the two main sections have to offer the more experienced photographer and those wanting to step up a bit in their photographic pursuits as well.

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