New X series cameras for 2011 – 2012

The next generation of Fuji’s have been announced. – 2011-2012

As many will now know the latest offering from Fuji is the X-10
Details of this new camera can be found HERE. It is due for release in most countries in the first weeks of November. I am expecting the price here in N.Z. to be in the range of $750.00 to $1000.00.
The X-10 looks to be a good contender as a replacement for a F550 or as an alternative to the newer F600 that Fuji recently released. It should also appeal to the enthusiast who wants a retro styled, compact pocket camera. As it uses a new 2/3 sensor image quality should be very good. At only 4x optical zoom some may find this a little limiting although it has a large scaleable digital zoom to offset the short optical zoom.
One of the real interest points for me is the implementation of the new optical, zoom-able view finder.Combined with a series of other unique features, the x10 may just turn out to be a very successful model. In terms of features on offer you wont be disappointed.
The X10 also has a dedicated site which can be found HERE for more in-depth info.

Introducing the FujiFilm X-S1

Of considerably more interest to me, as I have always been a bridge camera enthusiast since first getting to use one, is the press release for the replacement for the HS20. For those wanting an all in one solution  in the form of a walk around camera, but dont want to carry a DSLR, of if you are looking to step up your photography interests Fuji may just have a solution coming to a store near you.
Assuming the usual development time frame I would expect to see a completely new camera on the shelf by April 2012. That of course assumes that all is well with the pre production model and its development.
With a 2/3 Cmos sensor and a 620mm (equivalent ) zoom this should be a large step up in the image quality stakes for Fuji in the bridge-camera/superzoom market. I like the way they have cleaned up the button layout as well. The EVF hump on the top of the camera suggest that there might be a improvement with this as well. If they have used the x10 EVF as a basis then we should see a good EVF implementation. It remains to be seen at this stage what other changes or improvements they have made over the HS series of cameras. For now we will just have to watch things as they unfold for more information.
Done right Fuji will have a camera that rivals the venerable s100fs for image quality, plus have the additional design improvements seen in the HS series.
Those of you who have clicked the link to the Fuji X-S1 press release will also have noted that there is space on the family graph for another X series camera. Word to date is this will be a mirror- less DSLR to compete against the likes of the Panasonic G3. Fuji is definetely making a move in the camera market and from the look of these new offerings is now heading in the right direction.

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