Great name for a great band. And yes I do consider them a great band. Nightwish first came across my radar when I saw a YouTube clip “singing couch reacts to “Nightwish” etc…just click the link and you will get what I mean.  For the record I do watch some of the react videos done by vocal couches as such .. its a interesting way to see how the singers are seen by peers of the art form.

Anywhos after watching the react video the following video was all I needed to be totally intrigued by this very talented group of Musicians.  Labelled as neoclassical metal rock, symphonic metal/rock, the music can certainly be grandiose and bombastic at times, but thats what makes this good music. Couple this with outstanding musical talent and exemplary vocal chops whats not to like? 

I have no doubt that a 2-2.5 hour show would be both incredible musically and sonically but also very memorable.

Floor Jansen lead vocals, has a operatic background and she puts it to great use. Backed up vocally by Marco Hietala bass guitarist, and with Kai Hahto on drums, the rest of the band fills in the totality of the sound. The band has seen a few changes over the years and Floor is the third female lead vocal and for my money the one I prefer most. The architect of the band and founding member, Tuomas Holopainen is a musical genius and responsible for much of the operatic type score and productions the band produces. He even uses the word score in the titles of some of their pieces and for good reason.

The Islander (above)  is a fairly light and upbeat type of song.

Elan is a more rock driven uptempo song and one I really do enjoy listening too. For those of us unused to listening to an operatic style rock opera such as their Greatest Show on Earth, Floor sings in a far more familiar style in this song.

As time goes by I will add more commentary to this page, but for now you can find Nightwish on YouTube and Spotify.