The Frugal Photographer…P.2.

Buying Used Equipment…

In the first part of this series we looked at whats available new for the budget constrained photographer with a ceiling of $1000.00 NZD, which at today’s 1/11/2018 exchange rate is $655.00 USD. A reasonable amount, but as always we want to do as much as we can with the budget we have.

We’ve seen that there are some options buying new, which by and large leave little in the budget for anything else like accessories, tripods, perhaps a flash etc… continue reading here…..

More thoughts on P Mode…

As a followup to my recent article

Why You Should Use P Mode

Below is a link to an article in PetaPixel, an online magazine style website that is known to many photographers. Eric Kim has written an article about the merits of using P Mode as a very viable shooting choice well worth your while to read.

In Favour of P Mode @ PetaPixel

“P Mode” not just a beginners tool

How many times have you read or seen in a video that “P” mode is for beginners and you should learn to shoot in aperture or shutter priority modes or go full manual. It makes me wonder just how many “Pro” level photographers have even looked at shooting in P Mode as a serious shooting solution. Camera manufacturers dont put P mode on a camera just for fun. Its a serious shooting mode once you know why you should use it.

Read on if you want to know how to really use P Mode… More