Photoscape Editing – Macros

Photoscape Editing – Macros

And along comes a spider part 2.

Following on from the article below , I have added 4 of the images reworked using Photoscape 3.5. For me at least I think the results are as good if not better than the hugely expensive Adobe software.
Color, light, tone , contrast and definition all seem to be better handled than in Lightroom. I haven’t had to use any noise reduction on these images, as i dont think there would be a big enough gain to the image. The slightly grainy look in a couple of these images is very reminiscent of 35mm film.
Lightroom and CS5 certainly have there place but for post processing on the fly its hard to beat Photoscape.

Posted by R. McKenzie at 5:07 PM  

  1. Great pics and yes PhotoScape seems great to me too – and it’s free!!


  2. Hi.
    Glad you like the shots. Yes Photoscape is very versatile and has become my goto app for most process work.

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