Welcome to the “Sound-Scape Of Our Lives”

As the title suggests this section is all about music firstly and photography as an additional component.

The soundscape or the backdrop of music if you prefer of  our lives really is a phenomenon of the 20th century.  So what exactly do I mean by this, music has been around for millennia has it not?  Thats true enough, but not in the concentrated and global way that it is today.

A little historical background.

Music and dance were often forms of story telling in times past.  Sometimes this was how historical records were passed on to future generations.  Today this takes the form of recorded media which can be passed on to younger generations.  The worry here of course is that unlike story and music committed to memory, especially by defined members of a tribe or people, recorded music needs a different sort of  curation if it is to endure as long as ancestral song and dance has, and this is where the internet can be a repository of  recorded media, along with both private and public collections.  Its a good thing we are able to do this as the last 120 years have given rise to a truly enormous body of work, a good proportion of which we as individuals are never likely to hear.

Music can shape our lives.

Original photo by Nrschneider

Whether it be for relaxation, your favorite work out, venting your displeasure or a fond remembrance, for those of us born after the beginning of 1900, popular music of the time has influenced how we saw and reacted to many differing aspects of life, whether it be the Charleston from the 1920’s, Vera Lynn during the WWII years, Woodstock in the late 1960’s, to name just a few trends in modern music, the association of what you were doing at the time of the music  has become central to our lives.  For me this means recalling exactly when I heard the Beatles  “A hard days Night”, being aired on the radio for example.  That was in the milking shed on our farm in early 1965.  There are many more instances where if I hear a song or piece of music I can recall events around the time the music was popular with ease. The association of music and memory is very strong and becoming increasingly better understood and relevant in the fight against diseases that threaten to rob us of memory and a sense of self.

Fast forward to today.

Today we have access to a huge library of music both current and past, brought about by the digital platforms now available.  In decades gone by the source of popular music was radio broadcasts and vinyl records, with the introduction of tape and later digitized recordings on compact discs of various qualities.  In the last decade of the 20th century we saw the rise of the mp3 file format for music used on a number of devices.  Anyone still have an original iPod?  We do. Media streaming both audio and video is now mainstream and the number of platforms offering their services is ever growing.  In short music is now available anywhere anytime and it simply depends on where you are and what you are using. We are truly spoilt for choice.

Janet Devlin

To kick things off, Janet Devlin is one of my current  YouTube favorites having very recently seen her channel in the content offerings that YouTube throws up from time to time. I love this girls voice, its so complex and the variety of her music is excellent. Great renditions of some very popular songs as well as some truly excellent work of her own

This is one of her recent works “Saint of the Sinners” and she recently released the new track Honest Men